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LuxFeet was one of our first labels. We have foot issues of our own and thus, we are committed to providing the very best in comfortable shoes and sandals. 

Our styles are limited because very few brands actually meet our criteria. But with that said, we are happy to assist you in finding something that will relieve your foot pain. 

If we just had more hours in a day, we could write perpetual blogs about feet!  But instead, we will stay true to our mission of guiding you in finding a comfortable and stylish shoe. 

Our own shoe brand is LuxFeet, a flip flop that is soft to the touch (like walking on a cloud) but supportive as well with a great arch support and good stability. Because we know not every foot is alike, we also sell OOFOS, Telic, and NuuSol. 

Let us help guide you today.

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